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Many homeowners struggle to keep their homes cozy and comfortable while balancing their budget from utility bills. Some people falsely believe that a small issue with their home’s heating and cooling is a sure sign of a system malfunction when in reality, the problem may be caused by an old and inefficient thermostat. At Delux Heating & Cooling, our team understands the many intricacies of your thermostat and how they affect the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Our skilled & licensed HVAC technicians trained diligently to provide homeowners with the proper thermostat installation they need for a consistent and energy-efficient comfort all year long.

Signs It’s Time for A New Thermostat

Most problems with your home’s HVAC system could stem from your thermostat. The signs for thermostat repair can be rather similar to those that occur when your HVAC system malfunctions. That’s why the thermostat is usually the first one technicians’ check for problems.

Look out for the following signs to know if it may be time to change or repair the thermostat in your home:

  • Your HVAC system won’t turn on.
  • The thermostat remains unresponsive when changing temperature settings.
  • Your HVAC system short-cycles.
  • Programmed thermostat settings are lost.

Allowing issues with your thermostat to continue can result in rising energy consumption, frequent repair calls, and discomfort in the home. Ensure your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient by choosing thermostat repair and installation services from Delux Heating & Cooling. Our team offers a variety of smart and modern products designed to maximize energy savings while providing your home with the best comfort.

Benefits of Thermostat Products & Services

At Delux Heating & Cooling, we offer the industry’s finest thermostat products to give you improved energy efficiency and comfort all year-round. Featuring smart and Wi-Fi thermostats, our team can equip your home with the system it needs to access the following key benefits:

  • Savings. Smart thermostat products have been proven to provide better energy savings to homeowners, featuring energy performance records, programmable temperature schedules, and system alerts to help you manage energy efficiency in your home.
  • Comfort. Achieve the highest comfort in your home by easily managing everything from temperature to humidity level at the touch of a button.
  • Maintenance. Premium thermostat products can address performance alerts about your HVAC system to help you schedule maintenance plans ahead of time and avoid sudden costly repairs.
  • Control: Conveniently manage your smart thermostat from anywhere with remote access through your phone or Wi-Fi-connected device.

Delux Heating & Cooling is proud to offer the best, modern thermostat systems the industry has to offer. By installing one of these thermostats to your home, you can achieve greater energy savings, enhanced comfort, and lesser maintenance needs for your HVAC systems. Getting the best comfort without hurting your budget doesn’t have to be difficult. With thermostat installation and thermostat repair services from Delux Heating & Cooling, you’ll enjoy energy efficiency and comfort all year long. Contact us today!

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